Pre-Listing Inspection

What is a pre-listing inspection? It is a home inspection that is performed by the seller before the house is listed for sale. As  the owner of a home you want to sale your home for as much as you can. Information is power and in real estate that translates into how much a home will sell for. 

In a typical real estate sale the buyer and seller agree on a price and sign a sales contract. The sales contract is almost always contingent on a buyers satisfaction with a home inspection. And immediately the buyer has the power in the negotiation and will try to have you lower the price. 

How do you minimize this risk? Keep the buyer from doing an inspection? No. You do a pre-listing inspection! Decide with input from your Realtor on what if anything needs to be done before the listing goes live. Anything you don't fix, you can inform the potential buyer you know about these items and have priced the home accordingly. Make sure you the seller has all the information you need when listing your home for sale.


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