Resources for Agents

At Summit Home Inspector, I am happy to partner with local real estate agents in East Alabama & West Georgia. From the initial consultation and scheduling your home inspection – to reviewing the report and answering questions after the inspection – I will work with you and your clients hand-in-hand throughout the entire process.

I have the knowledge, advanced technology, and expertise to help advise and educate your clients throughout the process. With modern and sophisticated reports, you and your clients can quickly and easily assess the condition of any property.

Client-friendly service (Buyers)

An agent’s time is valuable. I know you can’t be at every home inspection. That is why it is important to know and have confidence in companies that you recommend to your clients. Join me at the end of the inspection just once at the walk through and you will know your clients are in good hands.

Your clients want a thorough inspection and you can be sure that is what they will get. But not all problems are created equal. Some can be big expensive repairs (HVAC, Roof, Foundation), but most are small and easily repairable.

The best thing I can do for you is to walk you and your client through the home at the end of the inspection. This way you both can know what to expect on the report, what is normal wear and tear, and what, if anything needs to be looked at further. By explaining the items that will be on the report, the buyer can understand what is significant and what is not, and then move forward with the deal.


Stay Informed (Sellers)

Keep your commission high by keeping the sales price high! Don’t let your seller be suprised by hidden damage and forced to lower the sales price. Information is power and that lets you make the best deal for your client. By doing a pre-listing inspection the seller can address anything that is needed, and let the buyer know about issues that have not been fixed and that the home is priced accordingly.

You lose negotiating power by waiting on the buyer to come to you with a list of demands. Get out in front of potential problems so you can get to the closing sooner. Call today to schedule your Pre-Listing Inspection.

Agents New Best Friend

Rather than old-fashioned paper reports, I use Spectora, a next-generation home inspection reporting platform. With Spectora – I can quickly generate comprehensive, visual inspection reports. The reports have clear images, supporting documentation, and a multi-part design and summary that makes it easy for you and your clients to understand the condition of your home.